In this section, we want to introduce you to some of the student dorms in Salzburg. This approach will be done presenting the surroundings and where it is located and the equipment one can find in the common areas. It is not possible to realize an approximation of the rooms as long as there  are plenty options for rooms in any of each different dorms and it would be titanic to make an analysis of every single room type of every dorm; although we strongly believe that by providing an idea of its location and equipment can provide you help in order to decide where you would like to live. Then, here comes some of the student dorms.

Franz Von Sales Kolleg

Located in the south of Salzburg, the closest bus station is Ginzkeyplatz (lines 3 and 8, together with many regional buses). Its location is far away from the center although the surrounding area is really quiet and peaceful; in the nearbies one can find a shopping center and plenty other shops where you will be able to find everything you need, it even has a "Leiner" (A huge shop focused exclusively on selling things for your home, like IKEA).

The equipment is varied. It has a party room located in the basement with a billar, a pong table, sofas, etc. with plenty space in order to gather there, next to the party room you also can find a public toilette which is a good deal as long as there is not need to go to your room and come back every single time you need to. The laundry is also located in the basement, it can be an inconvenient as long as its pretty small if we take into account the capability of inhabitants and it is not weird to find them already being used in the central hours of the day; it also has a dryer. Finally in the basement there is also a couple of rooms to practice with some musical instruments (it includes a drum). 

Moving from the basement, there is a parking where you can park there your bike for free (or your car by renting a slot). In the main entrance you can find vending machines, pretty well supplied taking into account that they are vending machines. In the 1st floor there is a common kitchen, better equiped than the standard kitchens of each room. Finally, in the second floor there is  room with chairs and pretty nothing else than silence, a good option to study. As a brief remark, it also has a huge garden, aniice option to read something if the weather is nice.

Europa Kolleg

Located literally next to Franz Von Sales, so the surrounding are exactly the same. Nonetheless, this dorm is smaller than the first one and normally there is older people rather than younglings. The equipment is fine although not that good equiped as Franz Von Sales (it is also smaller though). There is a pong table and it has a volleyball court next to the dorm, a great thing in the warmest part of the year! It also has a huge area to gather in the main floor, together with the pong table.  

Internationales Kolleg

Located close to the other two mentioned dorms but closer to the city center (although it is still far away); it is surrounded a great park, the river and a residential area. Really quite and peacefully although is kind of a walk going to make your daily groceries, not a great deal though; its closest bus stop is Polizei Direktion (lines 3 and 8).

It is the only dorm in Salzburg that has a swimming pool, opened from May until September. All its room are shared, it has five different buildings, each one with a color (the yellow one is the newest and its room are far better than the others, although normally you can not choose in which building you want to stay so is pure luck), each building also has a common area to gather on each floor and the internet is included with the rent. The laundry is relatively fair but the amount of guests it can hold and also counts with some piano rooms in case you are a musician! Finally, although they have some bike slots in its surroundings, it is really small and it can be a problem for those who want to rent or buy a bike.


Close to the city center but in the other side of Mönchsberg which force you to cross it (or border it) every single time you need to go there. The surroundings of Lehrerhaus are a residential area, really peaceful but with almost nothing going around which turns the idea to buy/rent a bike a tremendously recommendable option if you decide to go there.

The equipment, nonetheless, is by far the best you can find in Salzburg. The dorm has a billiard, a pong table, a football table, plenty rooms to sing or practice any instrument, a piano, a punching box and two fitness room. The laundry is also big enough, normally preventing any trouble to find the machines being already use; it even has a bar where eventually parties are organised there and are pretty popular among the students. In the outside, there is parking for bikes huge enough to not have any trouble to park your bike there. Every single floor of the main building has a common kitchen (the rooms in that building has not one inside) and a huge room where you can gather there with friends. It also disposes, like Franz Von Sales, of a public toilette and vending machines.


The location of this student dorm is one of its great deals, is virtually in the city center, just next to one of the main commercial streets but still far away enough of it to enjoy quietness and not living in a noisy area. Its location will allow any of its inhabitants to find everyhing it can need without having to move much far away; there is also a small pub just next to the dorm where one can chill or just go for a beer.

The equipment is limited but enough. Basically it has a party room in the roof with public toilette, it si really big and it can gather around 50 persons without any inconvenients of space. It has a football table, a terrace, a tv and a sofa. The laundry is fair enough, perhaps too small for the number of inhabitants. In the main entrance you can find a vending machine and some books which the inhabitants can get them for free (obviously it is expected that they are going to give them back). Finally, it also has of a neither big or small parking for bikes, it use to be crowded though.

Schwarzes Rössl

If the locatiokn of Home4students was its great deal, Schwarzes Rössl follows the same line but even better. Located even more in the middle of the city center but in a street with not too much movement; it provides of everything you can need in a few minutes walk. Although its location is quiet talking into account that it is located in the city center, it still is in the city center and you can face some noise, specially if you live in the first floor. 

The equipment is though its inconvenient, it is pretty limited. It has two rooms in the main entrance to chill: one of them has tables and enough space to sit, chill or organize some little event while the other is smaller but it has a football table and a vending machine with beer. In the basement there is a bar where parties use to happen there, specially in the weekend, although its pretty small and really hot. It also has public toilette. Nonetheless the laundry room is its main problem, is definitely too small and it is usual to find them already being used.

Haus Humboldt

Surrounded entirely by a huge park, Haus Humboldt would be the dorm with its most peaceful and quiet environment from all Salzburg. One bus stop closer to the city center than International Kolleg (its closest bus stop is Herrnau, lines 3 and 8), it is not unthinkable to go by walk (better would be with a bike) to the city center although is still a long walk. It is close to a Bio-supermarket with plenty supplies for vegans and vegetarians, however it is pretty expensive and it is not highly recomendable for students with non-income rather than the grant (Nonetheless, it is just one bus stop away from a Merkur, pretty much more affordable).

Its equipment is fair; each floor has a huge shared kitchen really big and well equipped, perfect for meetings and dinners with your new international friends. It also has a bar, party rooms with a pong table and a nice and cute room with a tv in case you want to watch some movie or whatever. The laundry is enough for the inhabitants and normally is not a big issue to find a wasch machine empty. It also has a parking for bikes, not specially big but like the laundry, normally there is no trouble to find an empty slot for your bike.

Finally, it would be unfair not to mention that once per semester they held the Humboldt fest, one of the biggest purely student parties in Salzburg and normally it is not even possible to get inside. Sure you will not have that problem if you live there ;)