Salzburg (literally: castle of the salt) is the fourth biggest city in Austria, with around 150.000 habitants and the capital of the “Bundesland” of Salzburg. The city is located 150 km in the southeast of Münich and 300 km in the west from Vienna; build around both borders of its river, salzach, which cross the entire city. The center of Salzburg is surrounded by two Petrea lift, the Mönchsberg (where is located the fortress of Festunghohensalzburg) and the Kapuzinerberg.

Salzburg is one of the oldest cities in Europe, with signs of permanent occupation since the neolithic, it has been inhabited also by Celts and Romans. However, the actual city of Salzburg was founded in the nearbies of 700 AC by the bishop Rupertus who create the city in a bishopric in 739 AC. In fact, the oldest building with official documentation is the St. Peter’s Abbey and dates from the 696 AC. 

One curiosity that can help you realize how ancient is Salzburg is the top of the buildings, specially in the city center. Once you get there, you will notice that there are some years written in the top of them; the year in the left concerns about the year when that building is first mentioned in an official document; then, the year in the other side concerns about the year when the last reform has been made.