The offer regarding to clubs is by far smaller than the one regarding to pubs. Nonetheless, Salzburg provide of enough variety to not get bored if you prefer dancing rather than hanging out just for a beer. Here we will introduce you the main clubs in the city.


Located in Giselakai, Watzmann is a club that opens every single day. Normally with free entrance and a two floor club, it offers a good place to dance every day of the week. With our ESN Card you can also enjoy of some discounts in it. Do not doubt to go there!

City Beats

The newest Club in the city. Located in X, it organizes one of the most populars parties for students: “Liebemachen”. Opening Thursday, Friday and Saturday; Thursday has free entrance and they organize “salsa night”, pretty popular for those who like the music genre. Friday and Saturday is more focused in Commercial/House music, the entrance is never free then, costing between 5-8 €. The dress code is formal!

Half Moon

Good Club with free entrance (except when they organize any kind of special event). It organizes one pretty popular party called Med&Law. Located in the middle of the Party Area, its music is focused on Commercial - Hip Hop genre. Open on Friday and Saturday. There is not an specific dress code.


A Café in the afternoon and a Club in the night. Definitely is the biggest club of Salzburg when it is open at full capacity. However, this happens only in special events as it is virtually impossible to fill it standard days. It also holds one of the most popular student parties “Kunst”. Like City Beats, on Tuesdays you can go there and enjoy of Salsa if you like the genre. On Tuesday, the entrance is free but other days in the week one use to pay. The dress code is not strict.

Take 5

Take 5 will come soon!

City Alm

Located in Rudolfskai and in the way between Pub and Club. It is open every day and it offers plenty space to sit but also to drink something together with friends and also dancing. Prices are fair enough and the entrance is free. There is not an specific dress code.