ESN Uni Salzburg was founded in June 2015 and has 10+ active members. Most of us have been on exchange already and therefore know what troubles or experiences you might run into. All of us work on a voluntary basis, just because we love to be involved in your - hopefully - greatest 6 to 12 months you'll experience in your life!

Our team consists of the Local Board (LB) and the Local Active Members. Get to know our team of ESN Uni Salzburg :)

The Local Board (LB) 2018-2019

The LB is being elected every end of June. Currently the LB is composed of these positions:

  • President: Christian Kemptner
  • Vice President: Isa Valentin
  • Treasurer: Beate Schindl
  • Event Coordinator: -
  • Cooperation Manager: -​

Local Active Members

There are also lovely regular members, who are often/mainly in charge of the organization of all the different events ESN Uni Salzburg is doing.
Some of them also have roles as a specific Coordinator for different fields of responsibility.

Join The Team

Already been on exchange? Looking to become engaged in an international student organization? Contact us on Facebook or come to one of our events and talk to us - We are always looking for new members!

Why Join ESN Uni Salzburg?

Becoming ESN member provides you a number of benefits. Work at ESN is voluntary work. The organization and execution of events, consultation of international students, creation and updating of information material, can take up a lot of time and energy. In order for this time and energy to be not only about the experience you will gain, there is the possibility to receive student benefits for your activities as ESN member. ESN is an official ÖH Uni Salzburg club (Austrian Students Union). This provides you following benefits:

  • Extension of the duration of the study grant: For certain activities, you can request an extension of the period of study allowance up to a maximum of four semesters. Of course, this is to be submitted in advance of the processing of your application for study grant. For ESN activity in a certain semester, you will receive a maximum of one additional semester.
  • Credit for ESN-work for your studies: You can also have your ESN activity credited with 6 ECTS per semester for your studies (if your curriculum permits) - in the field of "Free Electives" or "Alternative Extensions". Although not legally binding, ESN activity can also be counted as part of the regular curriculum, for example as an internship or similar. Just talk to your study program director, if and what possibilities there are.
  • Reduction of attendance: As ESN member you need to be present 30% less than what is the official requirement for students in university courses. The application form for suspension of compulsory attendance acc. § 31 (6) HSG 2014 is to be filled out by computer and signed and handed in at the UV Secretariat.
  • Exemption from tuition fees: If you are already required to pay tuition fees, there is the possibility of exempting students from tuition fees up to a maximum of four semesters.