Pubs and Bars are the most extensive offer one can find in Salzburg. Spread all along the city, most of them open every single day of the week providing a good plan to anyone who feels the need to go out some day in the week. Here we will introduce you the most popular ones:


Segabar are a chain of pubs located in different parts of Salzburg (and Austria). They are where you can find the cheapest prices of the city although they are not the best if you plan to sit down quietly and chill, as long as they are though more to drink something listening loud music in a more festive environment and then move (or not) to a club. They are open every day until 4 pm. ​The entrance is free all days of the week except Fridays and Saturdays when you should pay 5 euros; however, if you pay 5€ then you do not have to pay anymore to any other Segabar in case you want to move or you want to come again on Saturday (in case you paid on Friday of course).

Each Segabar the same prices and the main idea is the same. Nonetheless there are some differents between them:

The Segabar located in Rudolfskai is the biggest of all Segabars in Salzburg and even has a dancing area pretty big. The music is more focused in popular party music as well as “spanish” music.

The Segabar located in Imbergstrasse organizes a karaoke every Monday which it use not to be crowded as other karaokes making of it a great plan for a casual Monday.

Although the most popular Segabar by far is the segabar located in Gstättengasse (he is just located next to the main party area). It does not held any special event, but its location and the music (mostly pop and commercial) makes it to be the most popular among Salzburg. As a curiosity, you can play rock, paper and scissors against the bartenders and if you win him/her you will also win a free shot (nonetheless, if you lose, you will pay twice).

Irish Pubs

There are a total of 4 Irish Pubs, each of them pretty popular by their own, specially among income students. Before anything else, a common feature of all of them is that the entrance is free (except because a really exceptional occasion):

Murphy’s Law: Located in Gstättengasse and really close to the main party area, it is a good pub where you can gather and see the main sport competition of the moment (mostly football). The prices are fair although it has problems of space, especially in the weekend which makes it pretty uncomfortable as too many people gather there.

O’Malleys: Located in Rudolfskai, not too far from the party zone and next to a bus station with connection to almost every single bus line in the city. Perfect to sit down and chill with friends, it organizes regularly events such as pub Quiz (Twice per month) or karaoke (every Thursday). Pretty popular to the inhabitants of Salzburg, it also suffers of lack of space, especially in the weekends.

Shamrock: Located also in Rudolfskai, virtually next to O’malleys. It offers exactly the same prices of O'malley's but with a different purpose. If O'malley's is great to sit down and chill Shamrock offers a better option to dance and listen life music. It regularly brings artist for live music, basically follows a rock style. Much more bigger than O'malley's, it does not use to crowd too much although it still pretty full on weekends. A combination of first O’Malley’s and then Shamrock is a good and pretty popular plan. It also organizes karaoke every Tuesday.

Augustiner Bräu

Augustiner Bräu is one of the most tourist places of the city and, as many inhabitants believe, the place where you can find the best bear in the city. Located pretty far away [by walk] from the main party area, it offers every day the possibility of a good typical bear from Salzburg together with also typical food from Austria. Although it is not cheap, specially regarding to the food, it is a place where any incoming MUST go at least once! In fact, ESN Salzburg organize "Stammtisch" in Augustiner periodically where everyone is welcome. 


Located in the center of the party zone, next to halfmoon. Its location is one of the best in case you want to drink something and go directly to a club. What City Lounge offers is more related to good cocktails rather than an specialization of beer, a place to sit and hang around although the music in City Lounge is more volumed up and commercial; providing perhaps a better background for a party night than other options. In case you get an ESN Card once you came here you will have discounts in this pub!

City Lounge

Located in the surroundings of the train station, it is a “shisha” place, pretty popular among the inhabitants of the city. It opens every single day in case you want to chill and have a shisha together with your new colleagues. Great option for a casual plan in the week (if you are a shisha smoker of course).


Located in the middle of the main party area of the city. With a more than reasonable good offer of cocktails and plenty place to sit, it is a good option if you do not like specially beers and do not want neither to pay entrance to Segabar. Although as main pubs surrounding the city center, its size is a problem when the weekend comes.