ESN Uni Salzburg was founded in June 2015 (so we're actually a pretty new section in the whole network) by a group of approx. seven people.
Since June 2015 our team grew quite a lot, as our team of ESN Uni Salzburg has 17 active members right now (June 2016), who mostly have been to exchange already and therefore know what troubles or experiences you might have.
All of us work in this team on a voluntary basis, just because we love to be involved in - hopefully - your greatest 6 or 12 months you'll experience in your life!

Our team consists of the Local Board (LB) and the Local Active Members.

The Local Board (LB) 2016-2017

The LB is being elected every end of June. Currently the LB is composed of five different positions:

  • President: Thorsten Reich
  • Vice President: Maximilian Wagner
  • Treasurer: Elizaveta Prokhorova, Lisa Kleinewiese
  • Event Coordinator: Marlies Leichtenmüller
  • Cooperation Manager: Marlene Wagner

(Missing: Lisa Kleinewiese)

Local Active Members

These are our lovely regular members, who are often/mainly in charge of the organization of all the different events ESN Uni Salzburg is doing.
Some of them also have roles as a specific Coordinator for different fields of responsibility.


So, now: get to know our team of ESN Uni Salzburg :)

(Missing: Lisa Kleinewiese, Nathalie Auer, Sahra Mami)

       Gregor Milicic                                      Michelle Strauss                                       Eliza Prokhorova                                       Lisa Kleinewiese

     Marlene Wagner                               Angelika Prossenitsch                                     Paul Baquet                                              Anna Griesacker

     Carolin Stallinger                                       Helene Reiter                                     Marlies Leichtenmüller                                  Sahra Mami

      Maria Schreiner                                         Iris Wiesbauer                                        Nathalie Auer                                         Thorsten Reich

    Maximilian Wagner